PCB0403-V-A is a professional laser engraving code system used in PCB industry, which can achieve high-precision process of text, one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code. The system adopts advanced optical design which can effectively realize the fine process of PCB board.


Feeding And Unloading System

  • Auto feeding and unloading system (Optional)
  • Auto shaping and leveling function
  • Seamless docking with SMT production line
  • High performance plate auto turning mechanism to realize double-sided process


  • Professional laser code software, easy to learn
  • Seamless docking of MES system with SMT production Line

Vision system

High performance CCD can realize auto positioning and code

Optical System

  • High quality laser source and optical system to ensure the stable operation for a long time.
  • Full optical path protection makes the operation safe



Machine Model PCB0403-V-A
PCB Max Size 450mm X 330mm
Engraving Area 70mm X 70mm (Standard)
Laser Source CO2 10W (UV 5W, Fiber20W ,etc.)
Feeding Method Online / Offline
Accuracy ±0.15mm
Code Size 1.5mm~20mm
Code Type Qrcode, Data Matrix ,etc.
CCD Pixel 300K pixels
Visual Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Applicable Product Process PCB hard board coated white ink, green ink, blue ink ,etc.;Copper
Support Character Type TrueType,JSF,SHX, DMF
Working Environment Temperature : 10~35°C; humidity <85%; No condensation, no dust, no vibration.
Power 4KW
Power supply 220V/50Hz,20A
Weight(main machine) 1500Kg
Overall Dimension 1160mm X 1550mm X 1720mm


Support two working modes: offline and online

Conforming to the SMT interface standard, it can be connected separately to the feeding machine and the collecting machine(Palletizing machine is optional) to form an offline working mode.
It can also be used as a process unit in SMT production line, and support MES system data exchange online operation.

Support for online code reading

It can connect with the read code checking system which can also connect with MES system, and send the reading data and test information back to MES system for saving.

❶ Feeding machine,❷ Laser engraving machine,❸ Collecting machine

Palletizing machine

Over 200 piece of 0.6mm thickness PCB; PCB size: 50X50~400X360mm。

Laser Source

CO2 , fiber or UV laser source can be configured to suit different applications.

Digital high-speed scanning galvano head

Compared with other analog signal head , it’s small and the signal transmission is stable and response is fast.


OPTODYNE Laser interferometer (USA)
Dual-direction Autocollimator
Adopts coordinate measuring machine to guarantee spare parts precision


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