3D UV Laser Marking Machine Series MUV-D-A

Model MUV-D-A
Features The application are widely used to make up for the defects of the infrared laser marking process.
Laser power(W) 3/5
Working area (mm) 100×100×40/200×200×80
Overall dimension (mm) host:950×520×1450 workbench:600×500×720
Weight(Kg) 250
Repeated location precision (mm) ±0.02
Speed(mm/s) 0~7000
Supply voltage AC220±10%,50HZ
Working environment Clean,less dust,Temp:10~ 35°C,Humidity:5~85%
Gross power(Kw) <0.8



1.It can mark on 3D curved surface, generate precise laser spot and have uniform marking quality within the scope of 0~100mm height;

2.Equipped with the large-format marking function and the maximum marking area can reach 600*600mm, which is much bigger than traditional l fiber laser marker;

3.Adopted with advanced triaxial digital galvanometer scanner, it can realize fast marking, real-time control of variable focal length and uniform laser spot;

4.Modular design, compatible for the majority of domestic and foreign fiber laser generators and well-adapted;

5.Marble platform adopted, improve the stabilization and anti-seismic property of the whole machine;

6.The marking software can import chart exported from the mainstream 3D software, manage 3D graphics edit with simple way and convert 2D graphics to 3D, easy operation.


PVC, rubber, plastic, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, etc.

The Samples

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