Bonding Film Flex Cut FC600-B-A

Model FC600-B-A
Laser Power (W) Optional  180/250/350
Cutting range(mm) 300×300 / 600×600
Minimum line width(mm) 0.2
Minimum character  (mm) 2
Speed (mm/s) 0-7000
Weight (Kg) 550/600/650
Power supply 220V-240V,50/60Hz
Overall dimension(mm) 1500x2400x2200
Working environment Temp: 10~35 ℃  Humidity :5~85%



1.Original imported RF metal laser tube, with outstanding beam quality;

2.Dynamic 3-axis galvo system, core parts imported: easy operation, small focus dot size, large working area, high flexibility and good stability;

3.Dual Dust-proof Design for optical cavity, laser source and galvoscanner, ensure long term stable performance;

4.Galvo head is adjustable to match maximum 600*600mm working area;

5.Dual-extraction design, to fast remove powders during the processing;

6.Automatic roll feeder to ensure the material roll to roll match accuracy close to 0.1mm;

7.Fly marking and vision cut function are optional;

8.Self-developed professional software-SmartScanner, Compatible for AutoCAD and CorelDraw files, high-speed image processing guarantee the high processing efficiency.


Mainly used for bonding film, PET and other flexible film processing.

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