CO2 Laser 3D Robot Marking Machine

Model MC-DR-A
Laser power (W) 180 / 350 / 250
Cutting range (mm) 500*500*50
Motion system Screw 、six axis mechanical arm
Loading mode loading and unloading by manual
Maximum marking speed(mm/s) 5000
Repeat positioning accuracy(mm) 0.5
Support file PLT, DXF, AI, BMP etc.
Operating environment Temperature:20~35℃ Humidity:5%~805%, no dew
Total power (Kw) <8
Power supply 220-240V,50/60Hz
Machine weight(Kg) <2000
Overall dimensions(mm) 4200*1960*2250




1.Fully enclosed protection housing, comply with CE standard;

2.Tube welded basement for robot system, to ensure its stable performance;

3.Programmable software, easy for customization laser path and pattern editing;

4.High flexible 6-axis robot, easy for 3D curved surface process;

5.Dual working platforms, easy for loading and unloading switch, more efficient;

6.Laser power is programmable, can be controlled by software, to meet with different depth processing demands;

7.Embedded pattern library in the software, easy for processing parameter saving;

8.3D camera positioning, suitable for shoes bottom 3D processing, roughing and customized pattern marking job.


Nonmetal material like textile fabric, leather, linen fabric, demin, PVC, rubber etc.

The Samples

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