Co2 Laser Coding System MC-B-A

Model MC-B-A
Laser Power*(W) 15/30
Working area(mm) 70X70/110X110/175X175
Minimum Line Width(mm) 0.2
Minimum Character(mm) 1.5
Working distance(mm) 120/188/280
Weight (Kg) 50
Supply voltage AC220V±10%,50/60Hz
Overall dimension(mm)  180X 500X 320(Power box)  500X 1080X 1500(Lifter)
Work Environment Temp:5~35°C,Humidity:5~85% ,Clean , less dust
Gross power(KW) 1.0



1.Stable performance: High speed digital galvo scanner, industrial CO2 laser source, embedded flying marking controller, high intergradation, more compacted design, less power consumption and stable performance;

2.Easy operation: touch screen with friendly HMI, simple and easy operation process;

3.Small space: module design,separate cabinet and lifting system, lifter is flexible to adopts Different production lines;

4.Powerful functions: Support DXF, PLT vector graphics, bitmap fonts, TTF, DIY fonts and photos input, Support extra-long distance marking, tubes segment marking and bar code, QR code fly marking; support multiple correction modes, letter missing alarm; generate date code, time code, serial number, skipping marking automatically, to meet different industries requirement.


Paper, PVC, rubber, wood, bamboo, glass, ceramic, plastic, PET, HDPE, leather and so on.

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