CO2 Laser Marking Machine Series MC-E-B

Model MC-E-B
Laser power(W) 15/30
Working area(mm) 110×110/175×175
Minimum line width (mm) 0.1
Minimum character(mm) 1.5
Speed(mm/s) 0~5000(imported galvanometer 0~7000)
Supply voltage Ac220±10%,50Hz/60Hz
Overall dimension(mm) 610×900×1500
Weight about(Kg) 50
Work Environment Temp:10~35°C,

Humidity:5~85%,Clean or less dust

Gross power(KW) <1.2



1.Adopts laser generator with good quality laser beam, uniform laser power density and stable laser power output which can meet the demand of most industry application in market;

2.Digital high speed scanning galvanometer, fast speed, stable quality and performance can reach international advanced level;

3.Core Controller with completed function and software .The powerful control system can optimize data according to different application, support multiple languages convert and 256 layers management;

4.All-in-one frame, independent operation console, compact design, easy to be placed anywhere and save space;

5.The inner of the light path system adopts a sleeve type seal structure to prevent dust entering, which improves the life and the efficiency of the core device.


Leather, cloth, handicraft, packaging product, greeting card, cable, etc.

The Samples

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