DIY Mini Laser

Model DMC-B-A
Laser power(W) 15/30
Cutting range(mm) 300×300
Minimum line width(mm) 0.2
Minimum character (mm) 2
Speed (mm/s) 0-12000
Weight(Kg) 150
Power supply(KW) 110V/220V,50/60Hz
Overall dimension(mm) 450x750x1800
Working environment Temp: 10 ~35 ℃ , Humidity : 5 ~8 5 %

,Clean,less dust




1.Equipped with the self-developed professional control system SmartScanner, it has high processing speed, compatible with professional graphics software such as AutoCAD、CorelDraw,

2.Humanized design, equipped with camera and multiple sensors to realize multiple intelligent auxiliary functions, training-free and simple to use;

3.Friendly HMI, with remote diagnosis, upgrades and maintenance functions, with data encryption and privacy protection.

4.Small floor space, need only less than 1 Sqm, targets for DIY maker or gift shop;

5.300*300mm working area, electronic lifting for 250mm height adjustment;

6.Air filter build-in design comply with National Environmental Protection Requirements of indoor low pollution emissions

7.Two red pointers for autofocus;

8.Fully enclosed cover with sensor protection and automatically control cover lock, air filter build-in, achieving the safe class 1 protection standard and according with CE and FDA certification


This model is recommended to be used in garment, footwear, handicraft for DIY or customized design.

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