Dual-vision Laser Marking Machine

Technical Parameter

Model MF-V-A
Features High-precision X / Y motion module, dual vision system design, dual-station processing area, online loading and unloading process, more efficient;
Laser power(w) 20/30/50/70/100/120
Working area(mm) 70 x 70/110 x 110/175 x 175
Lifting height(mm) 100~500(optional 800)
Minimum line width(mm) 0.03
Minimum character(mm) 0.2
Graphic format supported BMP,PLT,AI,DXF, etc.
Supply voltage AC220V±10%,50HZ/60HZ
Overall dimension(mm) 1650x1350x1950
CCD visual range(mm) 600×600 / 120×120
Visual accuracy(mm) ±0.1mm
Weight(Kg) 400
Work environment Temp:10~35°C, Humidity:5~85%            ,Clean, less dust,
Total power(KW) 2



1.  Adopts high-speed galvo scanner with stable performance;

2. Self-developed laser marking software, easy for maintenance and operation;

3. Self-developed powerful vision function, to achieve visual matching positioning and visual contour getting processing;

4. Self-developed external coaxial vision system, auto-matching camera area and marking area, highly improve the vision working area and accuracy;

5. Module design for different application scenarios, free combination, easy for production;

6. Dual vision system design, product positioning, secondary positioning for processing, improving loading and processing efficiency;

7. Servo motor and step motor optional for moving platform.


Plastics, stainless steel, and other metal materials surface marking.

The Samples

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