Fast Laser Cutter CMA0604-G-A CMA1008-G-A

Model CMA0604-G-A CMA1008-G-A
Laser power(W) 60-130
Turn the system Screw module
Working area(mm) 600*400 1000*800
Overall dimension(mm) 1530 × 1046 ×1070 1820 × 1495 × 1190
Speed(m/min) 30
Repeated positioningaccuracy (mm) ±0.02/1000 ±0.05/1000
Supply voltage 220V/50Hz
Gross power(Kw) 1.5 1.7
Working environment Temp: 5 ~4 0 ℃ Humidity : 5 ~8 0 % ,Clean



1.The screw motion module structure uses famous servo motor with high inertia and high torque to ensure machine high speed and high precision;

2.The screw motion can greatly improve processing efficiency;

3.Honeycomb working table and blade solid strip working table are optional for different material;

4.High-rigidity machine body of sheet metal bending and welding, equipped with self-developed system from Han’s Yueming can ensure the machine runs smoothly;

5.Famous domestic laser tube with high-quality optical spot and stable power. It is compatible with 55W RF laser generator as well.


Electronic industry mobile phone accessories electronic accessories and other non-metal cutting.

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