Fiber Laser Tube Cutter

Model PCM60022-A
Working area(mm) φ20-φ220
Working area(mm) 6000
Overall dimension (mm) 12000×2200×2300
Laser power(W) 500-3000
Maximum speed(m/min) 60
Positioning accuracy (mm) ±0.03/1000
Gross power(Kw) 12
Weight (Kg) 6500
Supply voltage Three phase 380V/50Hz/60Hz
Working environment Temp:0-45℃ ,Humidity:≤80%,Clean



  • 1.Equipped with pneumatic auto-centering chuck, precise and simple to use, easy for Square tube, round tube, oval tube, flat tube, triangular tube and profile steel cutting;

    2.Intensive chassis with high rigidity has high precision and stability   effectively eliminating the shock in high-speed cutting;

    3.Large gantry milling machine, tempering treatment and vibration aging to eliminate stress, its geometric accuracy is within 0.03mm;

    4.Germany IPG laser generator has high wall-plug efficiency over 30%, greatly saving power and achieving the highest efficiency;

    5.Auto-focus laser cutting head, integrates with detailed cutting parameters, easy for operation;

    6.Cutting head has the leapfrog function, parabolic motion between the cutting contours. Automatic frog jump during switching contours, high cutting efficiency;

    7.The cutting head directly locates the center of the pipe, high efficiency performance;

    8.Professional nesting software, with power control, fast piercing and sharp corner processing function.


Apply to various pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, flat pipe, U-shaped pipe, channel steel, and other steel profile.

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