Fiber Laser Welding Machine WFC1000-A


Model WFC-A Laser Welding Machine
Laser wave length (nm) 1064
Fiber split(n) 1/2 line
Fiber diameter (um) 50/100 (optional)
Fiber length (m) 10/15 (Optional)
Average power (W) 1000
Cooling way Water Cooling
Working environment Storage temp.:-20°C~60°C;Humidity:<70%

Working temp.:10°C~35°C;Humidity:<70%

Power (KW) <1.5
Power supply 220VAC±10% ; 50/60Hz
Total weight (KG) 100
Overall dimension (mm) 425*970*168



WFC1000-A laser welding machine is specially used for traditional hardware, new energy and other industries. Its advantages include high peak power, good beam quality, fine laser spot size and easy for installation.

Laser beam can realize different spot shapes, process special-shaped spot at the same time, meet the welding effect of mixed welding and other high requirements, to achieve precision and efficient welding.

Multiple laser spot shapes available, mixed laser spots can work together simultaneously, to achieve mixed material welding demand.

1. Welding head frame is available for customization to comply with budgets and production site;

2. Jig can be customized, separated, grafted, and fast docked with the customer`s production line;

3. Adopts industrial computer for simple and reliable operation;

4. Wobble welding head is used to make multiple optic paths;

5. Low operation cost, less consumable materials, simple daily maintenance with less cost;

6. Can do the contactless remote welding, much easier than traditional welding method;

7. Applicable to materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum alloy plate and other metals.


New energy and battery industry, such asElectrode tab welding, metal shell welding, copper column welding, etc.

Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper and other metal pieces same material welding and mixed materials welding.

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