High Precision Co2 Laser Cutter PC0506-A

Model PC0506-A
Laser Power (W) 30-150
Working area (mm) 500*600
Max moving speed (mm/s) 1000
Repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.01
Overall dimension(mm) 1300x1350x1200
Weight About (Kg) 850
Supply voltage Single-phase 220V,35A,50Hz
Gross power(Kw) 7
Working environment Temp: 10~30 ℃  Humidity :40~80%




1.Use the dual servo motor drive and gantry structure; the high-inertia servo motors ensure the maximum acceleration is 1G ;

2.Reinforced welding bed, high-rigid crossbeam, with high-precision marble platform, effectively ensure high dynamic rigidity of the machine tool system ;

3.Imported laser source and optical devices ensure the good spot quality, stable output power and low maintenance cost ;

4.The self-developed laser cutting software integrates the performance of excellent motion contro l and the function of powerful graphics processing ;

5.Special smoke exhaust system with unique design, strong smoke suction and effective separation of waste material.


It is mainly used for high-precision cutting of thin film materials, such as gdf film, polarizer, touch screen PET,

OCA, electronic paper, handwritten board, flexible OLED, etc.

The Samples

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