HyRobotW20 3D Robot Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Robot Brand Staubli
Model RX160L
Rated load 14kg
Repeatable accuracy ±0.05mm
Arm span 2010mm
Installation  mode Top/Ground
Robot weight 252Kg
Laser source 1PG2000~1PG6000
Laser mode CW/QCW
Laser wave length 1070~1080nm
Modulation speed 5KHz
Welding head Precitec
Laser fiber 100~400μm



1.  Adopt imported industrial robot, high positioning accuracy, large processing range, and the six axis linkage is used to realize the 3D welding.

2. The robot arm is manipulated through a handheld terminal, and the whole machine is compact. It can be operated efficiently, even if the site conditions are harsh and limited.

3. Multi-station cooperative work can be designed to increase production efficiency by alternately loading and unloading the material.

4. Configure non-contact weld tracking system to detect and correct welding seam deviation in real time to ensure qualified weld seam.

5. High flexible welding system can realize automatic control and long distance welding.

6. Core components are maintenance-free and low cost.

7. Good adaptability to welding material, welding part size and shape.

8. According to the customer working condition, reasonable safety protection device is designed to effectively prevent the injury caused by laser radiation in the welding process.


Car body welding,Pump body fitting welding,Car body welding,Metal back welding

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