HyTube Series Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Parameter

Tube  ranges(length ×  tube  diameter) 6522 6532 9532
Other  type  of  tube  with  an external
circle not larger  than  φ210mm
Other  type  of  tube  with  an  external
circle not larger  than  φ310mm
Z-axis 150mm 200mm
Y-axis 330mm
X-axis 7050mm 10050mm
A、B-axis Infinite  rotation
X、Y-axis  positioning  accuracy ±0.05mm/1000mm
X、Y-axis  re-positioning  accuracy ±0.03mm
A、B-axis positioning accuracy ±30″
A、B-axis re-positioning accuracy ±10″
Mix  loading  speed 2500-6000mm(Automatic length detection)
A max positioning speed 70rpm
X、Y-axis  positioning  accuracy speed 100m/min
Unloading length 0-3000mm
Weight 7500Kg/7500Kg/10000Kg
Chuck  sing le  claw clamping  force 145Kg/145Kg/175Kg
Machine  dimension(L*W*H) 12m X 4.3m X 2.8m
Supply  Voltage, VAC 3-phase 3/380V/50Hz
Total power supply protection class IP54



1. FRIENDESS FSCUT3000S numerical control system based on Windows system, special platform of laser tube cutter, integrated with special function module of laser cutting control, powerful function, friendly interface, simple operation.

2. Professional tube cutting software to achieve “Full time cutting, Efficient cutting”; effective material saving and improve cutting efficiency.

3. Capacitive laser cutting head, high induction accuracy, responsive, stable and reliable performance.

4. Unique support device, during the tube feeding and rotating, the support device always keeps contacting with the surface of the tube, support force according to the tube type to ensure effective support, prevent the tube dropping, reduce the axis swing when the tube rotating, and improve the processing accuracy.

5. Automatic bundle feeding function (optional) to reduce the number of operators and improve the processing efficiency.

6. Automatic identification system of tube section (optional) for the mixed tubes feeding, automatic identifying the tube type, automatic access to the process library, prompt alternative processing procedures.

7. Complete cutting process parameter library, user-friendly parameter interface, according to the tube type to achieve the “one-key setting” processing technology, also real-time modification of laser cutting parameter in the interface.

8. High precision servo proportional valve, precise control of cutting auxiliary gas pressure and chuck clamping force to achieve the best cutting effect.

9. The linear positioning speed can reach 100m/min, and the rotary positioning speed can reach 120m/min.


Metal materials such as Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, Galvanize sheet, Brass etc.

The Samples

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