Large Format Co2 Laser Fly Marking Machine MC-DF-A

Model MC-DF-A
Laser power(W) 350 / 600
Working area(mm) 1400~1800 * Infinite length
Speed(m/min) 0-30
Supply voltage 380V, 50Hz
Weight(Kg) 1800
Overall dimension(mm) 7200*4000*3250
Working environment Temp:20-35℃, Humidity:5~80%

Clean, less dust



1. During the conveyor movement, the control system will control the laser head , camera scanning and conveyor speed to achieve 1800 mm X unlimited length large format fly laser marking;

2. Automatic feeding and adjusting/correction Function: Modular design of automatic feeding and adjusting/correction, only need one operator to watch the whole process. One person can operate multi-machines, greatly improve the product processing efficiency;

3. Correcting Deviation System: In the process of automatic feeding, correct the deviation of the material during the movement, and realize the precise graphic joining;

4. Metering Function: After marking, the meter can accurately calculate the length of the en re processed material, effectively reducing the waste;

5. Conveyor: Adsorption structure conveyor composed of stainless steel chains, adsorption force is large and the opera on is stable.


All kinds of textile fabrics , leather, PU, PVC materials.

The Samples

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