Large surface leather marking machine


Model MC-DHT-A
Laser power(w) 350×2 600×2
Machining efficiency 10~15 min/pcs
Working area(mm) 1400×2700
Overall dimension(mm) 6500x1900x3500
Weight(Kg) 2000
Supply voltage 380V,50Hz
Work environment Temp:20~35°C, Humidity:5~80%  ,Clean, less dust,
Total power(KW) 18/24



1.Fully enclosed design, safe, environmental protection, humanized operating platform, convenient, simple to operate;

2.The whole body frame is made of welded steel structure, with artificial aging treatment, nice and simple overall appearance, with sound stability;

3.The sliding table adopts the motion system composed of imported drive parts, guide rail and servo motor, which runs smoothly and greatly improves the splicing accuracy and stability;

4.Imported Co2 laser source, good light spot quality, stable output power; Imported core components, stable performance, long service life;

5.Intelligent independent board copy system, distinguish the defect of irregular leather, hole. Redundant graphics segmentation processing greatly improves the efficiency and process effect;

6.The intelligent board copy system realizes the identification and control of the Internet of things, and Multiple marking machines can share one board copy machine, greatly reducing the purchase cost;

7.Modular design, convenient transportation, the realization of the some functions free selection and customization of different customer needs

8.Widely used in leather, artificial leather,etc.


All kinds of textile fabrics , leather, PU, PVC materials.

The Samples

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