PCB Laser Marking Machine Series PCB0404-V-A

Model PCB0404-V-A
Max Size(mm) 450 X 400
Laser Source(W) CO 2 :10 / UV:5 / Fiber:20 (etc)
Marking area(mm) 110 × 110 Standard
Code Size (mm) 1.5~20
Overall dimension(mm) 1000 X 1600 X 1800
Machining accuracy(mm) ±0.15
Visual positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.03
Visual positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.1
Weight(Kg) 1000
Supply voltage AC220V,50HZ,20A
Gross power(Kw) 4
Feeding  Method Online / Offline
Working environment Temp: 10~35 ℃ ,Humidity :<85%

No condensation,  no dust, no vibration



  • Imported  CO2/fiber/green laser/UV laser generator, wonderful marking performance, fast speed, high productivity;
  • High precision CCD realizes automatic positioning, reading code and rating;
  • It has a large span and wide adaptability;
  • It can seamlessly dock with the SMT production line, and can also connect with the customer MES system for online data transmission and information feedback;
  • High quality accessories to ensure reliable quality. Abnormal automatic alarm and suspension;
  • Compatible to online&offline processing mode, with embeded to realize marking on double sides.


Designed for PCB board.

The Samples


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