Semiconductor Laser Welding Machine WS1000-A

WS1000-A Laser Welding Machine Specifications

Model WS-A Laser Welding Machine
Laser wave length (nm) 915
Fiber split(n) 1/2 line
Fiber diameter (um) 400/600 (optional)
Fiber length (m) 10/15 (Optional)
Average power (W) 1000
Cooling way Water Cooling
Working environment Storage temp.:-20°C~60°C;Humidity:<70%

Working temp.:10°C~35°C;Humidity:<70%

Power (KW) <1.5
Power supply Three-phase 380VAC±10% ; 50/60Hz
Total weight (KG) 70
Overall dimension (mm) 485*237*663


WTA-A Welding Worktable Specifications

Working area 4000*300(Standard, customized)
Min focal spot diameter (mm) 0.2
Positioning accuracy (mm) <0.02
Teaching method of welding seam Coaxial CCD Teaching
Lifting height (mm) 0~300 (standard/customized)
Support format PLT, etc.
Working environment Storage temp. :-20°C~60°C; Humidity:<70%

Working temp.: 10°C~35°C; Humidity:<70%

Gross power (KW) 5
Power supply Three-phase 380VAC±10% ; 50/60Hz
Total weight (KG) 200
Overall dimension (mm) 1000*1200*1600

(Excluding the support frame)



Working with the excellent directionality and high power density of the laser beam,the laser beam is focused in

a small area by optical system, and the welded area forms a highly concentrated heat source area very shortly,

thereby melting and forming a firm solder joint or weld.

1. Laser welding has the advantages of high welding efficiency, large depth-wide ratio and high precision;

2. Small grain size and narrow heat affected zone, smaller distortion after welding;

3. Flexible Working fiber, contactless welding it is easy to add on current production line;

4. Save material

5. Precise welding energy control, stable welding performance, beautiful welding effect.


For stainless steel, mild steel, within 3mm can achieve prefect welding quality.

The Samples

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