WFQ Fiber Laser Welding Series WFQ150-A

WFQ150-A Laser Welder Specifications

Model WFQ-A  Laser Welding Machine
Laser wave length (nm) 1064
Fiber split(n) 1/2/4 line
Fiber diameter (um) 50
Fiber length (m) 5 (Standard)

10/15/20 (Optional)

Laser power (W) 1500
Average power (W) 150
Single point max energy (J) 15
Cooling way Air Cooling
Working environment Storage temp.:-20°C~60°C;Humidity:<70%

Working temp.:10°C~35°C;Humidity:<70%

Gross Power (KW) <2.2
Supply voltage 200~240V ;50~60Hz
Weight (Kg) 80
Overall dimension (mm) 980*580*800


WTA-A Laser Welder Worktable Specifications

Working area (mm) 70*70 (Standard)

90*90/110*110 (Optional)

Min focal spot diameter (mm) 0.2~0.4
Positioning accuracy (mm) <0.02
Focusing way Manual lifting (Motor auto-lifting is optional)
Lifting height (mm) 0~300
Support format PLT, etc.
Working environment Storage temp. :-20°C~60°C; Humidity:<70%

Working temp.: 10°C~35°C; Humidity:<70%

Gross power (KW) <0.8
Supply voltage 200~240V ;50~60Hz
Weight (Kg) 200
Overall dimension (mm) 900*880*1600

(Excluding the support frame)



1. The split welding head can be selected freely to meet the requirements of cost and site;

2. The laser source and worktable can be customized, separable, grafted, and quickly connected with the customer’s production line;

3. Use the industrial control computer as the interaction. The operation is simple and reliable;

4. High speed beam split: through the angle deflection of the lens, the fast switching light path can be achieved;

5. Galvanometer scanning system: the high quality galvanometer is faster than the traditional XY axis platform at single point welding;

6. Low cost of equipment operation, little consumption, simple maintenance, less cost of stop line debugging;

7. Air-cooled compact design, small floor area;

8. Non-contact distance welding can be carried out compared with traditional welding;

9. It can be used for many kinds of materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum alloy plate, plastics and other non-metallic materials.


Mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wearable devices and other products, such as antennas, headphones, batteries,borders, back cover and other fine parts of welding.

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