WTR-A Manipulator Laser Welding Machine

WTR-A Robot Laser Welding Machine
Laser CW Laser source 1000、1500、2000、3000、4000(w) Output interface type QBH
robot six-axis Fiber length ptional for 10m/15m/20m length
plumb joint Wobble welding head, working area:50*50mm Peak power 1000W、1500W、2000W、3000W
Cold water machine Dual-temperature control Fiber core 50、100μm
Equipment power <3KW work environment (Storage temp):-20°C~60°C;
Power Input 380V,50/60Hz Maximum power <25KW
Weight of laser head <150KG Power Input 380V,AC±10%,50/60HZ



Robot laser welding machine is used in auto industry, hardware, medical equipment and other metal processing industries. All-in-one integrated structure; Han’s yueming independent intellectual property rights of the multi-function laser control system can effectively match the welding of different shapes. Flexible application form, suitable for a variety of different types of complex product precision welding.

1.Use the imported industrial robot, high positioning accuracy, large processing range, six axis robot, can achieve 3D processing;

2.Imported fiber laser source, good light spot quality, stable output power, high quality welding effect;

3.Robot laser welding has good adaptability to welding material, size and shape;

4.Operate the robot through handhold terminal, even in harsh working conditions can achieve efficient operation;

5.WTR-A series can achieve automatic control and remote welding, welding machine core components are basically maintenance-free;

6.Non-contact weld tracking system is optional to detect and correct weld deviation in real time to ensure qualified weld;

7.It’s applicable to a wide range of welding materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, aluminum alloy plate and other metal materials.


Apply to Al/MS/SS/Brass welding and mixed metal welding.

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