Special Application

Subsurface 2DBC Marking & Reading

1. To mark invisible 2D barcode inside glasses / sapphires

  • marking dot diameter: 2.5 μm~7.5 μm (customizable)
  • barcode size: 0.1mm×0.1mm / 0.2mm×0.2mm (customizable)
  • CT ≤ 3s (with auto-loading & unloading)

2. Invisible, no trace or touch feeling on the surface

3. 100% reading rate (sapphire, polished / gross CG)

4. Negligible influence on strength (can still pass 3PB and ROR  strength tests after marking)

5. Barcodes remain invisible and readable after decoration

6. Real-time power monitoring and compensation

7. On-line measurement and accurate control of code depth


1.Customized lighting and lens system

  • Highly enhance the code contrast & level of sensitivity
  • Allow lower laser energy and less substrate strength impact
  • Improve ability to measure code depth

2. Special developed algorithm

  • Robust & fast image processing algorithm to digitally enhance contrast
  • More flexibility and feasibility in image processing and decoding (compared with off-the-shelf code reader)

3.Wide readable Z range for easy code reading

4.Narrow DOF for accurate depth measurement

5.Accurate & cost-effective code depth measurement (to be patented)

  • Self-developed automatic z-scanning
  • Self-developed indicator (LC value) calculates the best code depth